The reason why the cake match is welcomed and favored by the cake shop is that it has the characteristics of multi-function and it is a safe and portable ignition tool. The cost cake match custom is mainly in design, craftsmanship and labor costs. If there is a long-term stable demand for large quantities, then the average cost of cake matches will be lower and lower. The cake shop uses matches to promote the upcoming cake products of the customized cake shop, and when people use the cake match as a souvenir, it indirectly helps the cake shop to promote the cake shop and increase the popularity of the cake shop.
When customizing cake matches from a matchmaker in a cake shop, effective communication is required, such as the selection of cake matchbox styles, the design of patterns on the matchbox, the selection of matchbox materials, and the exchange of customized solutions such as matchbox text fonts. After constant exchange of ideas, the final suitable custom match design is obtained, when the cake shop determines the custom cake match. Match manufacturers began mass production, in order to be able to deliver customized cake matches on time within the deadline.
Fangzhou Match Factory produces matches, scented candles and peripheral products. It has sophisticated production equipment and advanced technology to provide high-quality match customization services for global match users.

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