The cake shop not only uses cake matches as an advertising channel to promote the cake shop, but also makes handmade cake book matches to decorate the cake shop. This handmade cake match can be used as a business card, greeting card and decoration to decorate the house. In the cake shop, raw materials will be provided to attract customers to enter the shop for DIY handmade cake match making, and the match box will be made into various interesting cake shapes, such as fruit cake, chocolate cake, cream cake and so on. Not only can you experience the joy of making handmade cakes, but the cake shop will provide replica handmade cake matches to make exactly the same cake.
The cake shop takes creative matches into photos of handmade cake matches, and uses handmade match stands to display them to attract passers-by to stop and watch. This coming Christmas, the cake shop is hosting a Christmas handmade cake matchmaking contest. The two classic Christmas colors, Handmade Cake Match Red and Handmade Match Green, are commonly used to draw Christmas symbols. On the matchbox, you can draw Christmas characters such as Santa Claus, snowman, gingerbread and elk. The matches can also be made into candy canes. The red and green colors are matched with bows and ribbons, which is a slow Christmas atmosphere.

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