The matches sold in the market are quite different from the matches in people’s impressions. Not only the use of match raw materials is more healthy, environmentally friendly and practical, but also glass jar matches, book matches and matches designed for matches.Design Handmade Cake Matchesand many more. A variety of exquisite patterns or texts will be printed on the matchbox, which is used for multi-functional integration such as advertising, gift giving and collection appreciation.
Every quarter the artisanal cake match maker introduces a newHandmade Cake Match ProductsHandmade Cake Match Products, Share the handmade cake match menu with customers to promote handmade cake matches, and mail new match gifts to long-term cooperative customers. Match manufacturers can customize handmade cake match works according to the needs of the cake shop. They can design handmade cake matches and create matches with cake shapes that are novel and interesting to attract people’s attention. In the process of producing handmade cake matches, random inspection of handmade cakes has been carried out to ensure the quality of production.
Fangzhou Match Factory has rich production experience and sophisticated production equipment, and has been producing matches, scented candles and peripheral products for 20 years.

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