The emergence of new matches has stimulated the vitality of ignition tools, which are improved on traditional matches. This kind of match usually has a 55MM matching rod which is longer than the 43MM traditional match, so this kind of match is also called a long match. People use gift long matches to exchange gifts to enhance their feelings. Long matches can be well made into gift matches through match gift packaging.
At the wedding ceremony, guests will offer good wishes and gifts. If you want to be different from others in this gift, you need to think carefully about appropriate and novel gifts. Match wedding gift is a good idea. It is a match with greeting card shape. People can print commemorative photos on the match box gift card, such as an unforgettable memory with the hero and a commemorative group photo. Then on the inside, the printer gave a sincere blessing speech, which will be a gift match with collection commemoration. If the other party has a hobby of collecting retro culture and games, then the classic safety match gift is a must-have choice. It is a match engraved with the traditional classic kraft paper retro style.

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