Lighters are not as attractive to match lovers as matches. Christmas cardboard book matches vs lighters In comparison, match lovers are more inclined to choose vintage Christmas cardboard book matches. When people thought that the Christmas cardboard book matches were gone, the Christmas cardboard book matches returned to people’s lives with a new look.
Through the display of matches in cardboard books, people have broken people’s prejudice against the poor quality and ugly shape of traditional matches. Book matches improve on traditional matches by improving the quality of the match, making it easier to light, longer to burn and better looking with a quality matchstick. On this basis, many functions have been added. For example, the bookmark Christmas card is a derivative product that is favored by people. Not only can it be used as a bookmark, but it also has the characteristics of multi-functional integration of advertising, gift giving, business cards and art appreciation. This allows people to reuse the matchbox after using the matches or recreate expired matches into handicrafts and so on.
Fangzhou Match Factory specializes in the production of matches, scented candles and peripheral products.

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