People live in a life like a pool of stagnant water, lifeless but full of anxiety and restlessness. People need to do something to add color to life and break this boring life. The meaning of the Christmas cardboard book match is the moment when the match is drawn across the fire bar on the matchbox and ignited. It not only lights up the match but also illuminates people’s lives. The pattern books cardboard matches on the matchbox adds a bit of artistic color to the drab room. Book match is a portable and safe ignition tool, which improves people’s quality of life and life happiness index.
People like to celebrate festivals because they want to make life a little more fun, want to break the routine life and enjoy the festive atmosphere, and the relaxation brought by a different lifestyle. The animals in the zoo area in the match shop also get Christmas festive costumes in the Christmas cardboard book match zoo. The use of matches in people’s lives is more of a way to show their attitude towards life, and to show the charm of their consumption level when using matches. It is not only a match but also a business card.

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