Matches break people’s stereotypes and are mainly characteristic types of matches, such as glass jar matches, book matches and cylindrical matches, etc. Book Match is a complete match designed like a book. It has an opening method similar to a book. It has the same theme design on the front and back of the book match, inside and on the match, which makes the book match have artistic value and collection value. Are matchbooks worth money? Yes, books matches are worth money. People are more willing to spend money to buy the designs on books matches. What is more valuable is this fantastic idea that cannot be reproduced, and people pay for this art.
Can you send the book matches? This is a difficult problem. Matches themselves are dangerous goods and are dangerous during transportation. Therefore, logistics and express delivery are very strict in this regard, and companies with certificates and qualifications are required to send books matches. Fangzhou Match Factory is a Chinese enterprise specializing in the production of matches for 20 years. It has a complete production line with excellent equipment and advanced technology to provide high-quality customized match services for global customers.

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