People who want to customize and personalize matchboxes will pay a higher price than finished matches. Then doing wholesale bulk personalized matches is a good way to get matches at a lower price. What follows is how to solve the remaining large quantities of matchboxes. Therefore, purchasing individualized matchboxes in bulk is a relatively compromised choice. This is a solution that compares to the low price of finished matches and the high price of mass-customized matches. .
Matches are suitable for many scenes, such as weddings, hotels, restaurants and other places, or for advertising, scene layout and greeting card invitations. The cover of the wedding personalized matchbox is the invitation information, the reverse side is the address of the event, and on the inside there are photos of the two married at the wedding and a brief introduction of both parties so that relatives and friends of both parties can understand each other. The imitation cake and peach hearts made with matches are very spectacular and charming, and the moment of ignition symbolizes the passionate love between the bride and groom at the wedding.

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