The match factory wholesales large matchboxes to meet the long-term needs of people who use matches frequently. This wholesale large match box has a capacity of 40 matches or more. Wholesale matches are available at discounted prices. How do matches create new sparks in the new era?
For some time now, matches have been the go-to way to start a fire. Nowadays, it is difficult to find matches in daily life. People buy matches more to recall the experiences of previous times. Due to the poor quality of traditional matches and the difficulty of using them, they were eliminated by other ignition tools that came from behind. The match factory has improved on the basis of traditional matches, using high-quality poplar wood. The match poles are as white as snow and smooth as high-quality mahogany furniture. The match head is made of phosphorus which is harmless to the human body, processed with modern technology and advanced phosphorus brushing technology, so that people can light matches safely and conveniently. Innovate in the match container, and derive iron box matches, glass bottle matches, book matches and cylinder matches from the original boxed matches.
Fangzhou Match Factory is a Chinese enterprise specializing in the production of matches, scented candles and peripheral products for 20 years. Welcome to visit and consult. We look forward to your call for consultation.

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