Ordinary matches are usually packed in cartons. This packaging material reduces the cost of matches and the price will not be too high. Moreover, it can also be used as fuel in a matchbox to facilitate people to ignite quickly. Wooden matchboxes bulk have wood products that bring a more noble texture and surprises. On the matchboxes, patterns will be carved using engraving techniques. Just like the walnut artwork of He Zhou Ji, a handicraft wooden matchbox shows the calm and stable image of the user.
Matchboxes were ordered in bulk, which lowered the price of individual matchboxes. One can get matchboxes at a lower price. People can customize matchbox wholesale from the match factory to get an exclusive customized match. The match factory restores the design draft of matches one by one to meet the needs of users. The customized matches manufactured by modern advanced technology are of the same quality, with good quality control and high quality. Every box of matches that people get is the same without uneven levels. This is the level of high-end customization.
Fangzhou Match Factory specializes in the production of matches, scented candles and peripheral products. It has been OEM matches for world-renowned match brands for 20 years. It has excellent production equipment and advanced technology to provide customers with high-quality customized match services.

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