Most of the matches seen on the market are boxed matches, which are mostly advertising matches used by hotels or cake shops to promote their own products. When people browse the Internet, they often come across some interesting matches, such as carafe matches, book matches, tin can matches, cylinder matches and so on. These matches are usually designed with the theme of practical use scenes, and the more widely used scenes are weddings, bars, birthday parties and other occasions. How can one get a custom made cheap book match? Generally speaking, the price of customized products in small batches will be more expensive. People can consider buying book match templates for DIY manual creative custom book matches. People who have high requirements for customization of book matches can find someone who needs to customize book matches together to obtain a relatively low price.
When people custom-made wooden matches, they can carry out custom printing of matches so that rich and interesting patterns can be printed on the matchsticks. The individual matchsticks have exquisite patterns, which can also be combined to obtain an overall pattern after being pieced together.

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