Cheap matches does not mean poor quality, relatively only advanced technology, sophisticated equipment to obtain a large number of match orders to reduce the price of a single match. Match factories usually need a large number of orders to make cheap matches in order to reduce the price of a single match. Otherwise, they can only use other solutions to reduce demand and lower prices. The cheap waterproof matchbox is to spend money wisely, focusing on the function of waterproof matches and reducing the pursuit of the appearance of matches, so that matches are produced in a simple shape. One can obtain a waterproof matchbox that is functional but relatively unattractive.
Logically speaking, the unit price of the set products will be cheaper than the unit price of purchasing the products separately, and the cheap match set can meet people’s demand for matches. Match sets are inexpensive and come in a variety of match shapes for people to use. There are not only traditional boxed matches, but also book matches with beautiful patterns, long matches in clear glass bottles, and more. People find their favorite match types by using different matches, which is convenient for people to re-acquaint with matches.
Fangzhou Match Factory is a Chinese enterprise that has provided matches, scented candles and peripheral products to users all over the world for 20 years. During this period, we have accumulated experience in production and manufacturing, and have excellent equipment and advanced technology to provide high-quality and low-cost customized match services for global match users.

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