The invention of the match took a hundred years to make the safe match it is today. There are many options for the choice of raw materials on the matchheads. From match yellow phosphorus factory, match white phosphorus factory to the present match red phosphorus factory. At the beginning of making matches, due to the toxicity of white phosphorus, the employees of the match factory panicked. The match factory disease that spread has always been a problem for match manufacturers. This problem needs to be solved in order to keep the match production running. Until the mid-nineteenth century, the appearance of red phosphorus matches greatly guaranteed the safety of using fire and ensured the convenient use of matches.
In the true story of the match factory, it is the change of people using fire. Matches have gradually changed from simple ignition tools to artistic matches. The match factory improves the quality of the match itself, which is the basis for the match to be recognized by people. The blank space on the matchbox can be customized with graphics and text for a variety of occasions and approaches. The multi-functional match has received people’s attention, and people are more and more willing to use matches for advertising, souvenirs and other purposes. At the same time, matches with exquisite shapes are used as decorations to add to the fun of home aesthetics, so that matches can bring more convenience to people’s lives and improve the happiness index.

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