Book matches, also known as vestas or vesta boxes, are small cardboard folders wrapped in paper that contain a strip of matches. They were invented in the late 1800s and were originally used as a way to promote a business or product. Book matches are still used for promotional purposes today and there are stillBook match series for sale, but they have also become popular collectibles.
Custom book matches are book matches that are customized with a specific design or message. They are often used by businesses as a marketing tool to promote their brand, or as a unique way to invite guests to an event.custom book matchescustom book matchesCan be printed with company logo, contact information or special information. They can also be designed to match the theme of the event or occasion.
Functional book matches are book matches that have a specific function or design that sets them apart from traditional book matches. These may include book matches of a unique shape or size, or book matches with a special mechanism for lighting the match. Functional book matches are often used as a way to promote a product or service, or as a conversation starter at events or parties.

Book matches have a long history and are an interesting collectible for those interested in advertising, design, or the history of everyday objects. They can also be a fun and unique way to promote a business or event. Whether you want to buy custom book matches for your business, specialty book matches as conversation starters, or a collection of book matches to add to your hobby, there are many options to suit your needs.
Book match collections are groups of book matches collected and organized by collectors. These collections can include book matches from specific time periods, locations, or topics. Some collectors specialize in rare or unusual book matches, while others collect book matches from their favorite brands or businesses. Collecting book matches is a fun hobby for people of all ages, and collectors often share their collections with others at book match fairs or online.

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