In order to publicize and display the rare collections of “Yang Yi Art Museum” and combine the anti-epidemic situation to enrich the art museum’s external name card and cultural and creative art, the museum entrusted my country’s leading match industry company, Anyang Fangzhou Match Factory, to jointly launch the Yang Yi Art Museum Anti-epidemic commemorative matches.
Ideas and design concepts for this souvenir match:
Drilling wood to make fire in the primitive society, and lamps to make fire more than a thousand years ago, the road to making fire can be described as a long time. For thousands of years, matches have been the fire of civilization that human beings have been pursuing.
Anti-epidemic commemorative matches of Yang Yi Art Museum, the design is elegant and elegant, and the style is novel and unique. Three big boxes of extra-long matches, made with ingenuity. Twenty boxes of book-style matches with unique ideas. There are 23 boxes of matches in total, and 2023 flower phosphorus is painted on the place where the fire is rubbed, implying that 2023 will become a turning point in the fight against the epidemic.
The outer box of matches, the word “fire” in oracle bone inscriptions, ignites civilization and lights up life; the red seal, sulfur drives away epidemics, and burns away the god of plague; seven matches, a new year, a new start.
When the year of the rabbit is coming, this work is launched, looking forward to the new year, the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, and the world is peaceful.
Yesterday was the Lantern Festival, and Mr. Yang successfully held a live broadcast of the Lantern Festival to buy matches.
First of all, congratulations to Mr. Yang for the successful holding of the Lantern Festival live broadcast. Watching the live broadcast opened my eyes and appreciated the demeanor and aura of Teacher Yang.

  1. Mr. Yang’s live introduction is very good. From the perspective of history and culture, match knowledge and practical significance, he is worthy of being a celebrity master. I was a little worried during the live broadcast, I am afraid that there will be problems with the fire, especially the book-style cardboard, which is a bit difficult. As a result, Mr. Yang grasped it very well, with sophisticated gestures, rich experience, beautiful fire, and a long duration. Fangzhou Match Factory is worthy of being a famous leader in my country’s match industry, and its products are of excellent quality. According to the evaluation of professionals in the match factory, Mr. Yang is knowledgeable and experienced, and even playing with matches is also a professional level.
  2. The live broadcast screen shows that this set of commemorative matches for Yang Yi Art Museum’s fight against the epidemic is elegant in design and novel in style. Three big boxes of extra-long matches, made with ingenuity. Twenty boxes of book-style matches with unique ideas. The design concept and creative works of this commemorative match represent the high level of the works of Yang Yi Art Museum.
  3. The planning team cooperated with Mr. Yang for the live broadcast, and did a lot of in-depth, meticulous and effective preparatory work. The live broadcast process was perfectly connected, which was an eye-opener.
  4. Matches are the fire of human civilization, and matches are also a symbol of our national industry.
    Thanks to Mr. Yang for bringing the goods and selling matches live, which is also an attempt to pass on the torch and inherit the match culture of our country.
    We should tell the younger generation that the little match is the fire of civilization that human beings have been pursuing and searching for for thousands of years, the crystallization of human wisdom, and it once had glory. May we and our descendants understand the match, be grateful for the match, and remember the history that the match has contributed to mankind for a hundred years.

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