Matches have been around for more than a century. During this period, matches have undergone various changes, from the way they are made to the way they are lit, as well as slightly different shapes and uses. People are most impressed by the kraft paper-shaped match with a red head and a white rod. This kind of match is very popular because of its low price and can meet people’s basic ignition needs. Once became people’s first choice for ignition tools. In the past, when people used the stove for cooking, they could use a match to ignite it and throw it into it to burn together. On the contrary, a lighter would not be able to support combustion, and a lighter would be a safety hazard in a high-temperature environment. So how was the safety match born? we can look at theMatch Safety Instructions, and perhaps we can find out the history about the replacement of matches.
The difference between safety matches and matches is thatsafety matchessafety matchesIt needs to cooperate with friction on a specific surface to be able to ignite, and the characteristic of the convenience match is that it can be ignited by friction on any rough surface. Although convenient matches can bring great convenience to people, there is a fire safety hazard. Therefore, shortly after the birth of safety matches, safety matches replaced convenience matches as the first choice for ignition tools in people’s daily life. Exporters of safety matches bring safety matches all over the world, bringing safe and portable ignition tools to people all over the world.

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