Fire has changed people’s way of life and greatly improved their quality of life. There have been many ignition tools in history, and as the times change, ignition tools are also changing. Matches are still popular today because of the convenience and safety of friction safety matches. More importantly, the design on the match has artistic appreciation value and collection value.
The first safety match was born out of people troubled by the safety hazards of convenient matches. Safety matches are designed to require rubbing against a designated phosphor surface in order for the match to ignite. Unlike traditional matches, which are ignited by striking any rough surface, which greatly reduces the risk of accidental ignition, safety matches quickly became the preferred ignition tool for people and continue to this day.
Today matches are more of a work of art, and match lovers all over the world collect art matches like treasure hunts. The patterns on the match display face are fascinating, especially the ancient matches are very popular among the public. Many match artists learned the language of ancient match art and designed retro art matches, safety match furniture, etc. And through the design language in these artistic matches, inspired and innovatively designed many artistic matches with a sense of the future, which will feast the eyes of match lovers.

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