Why is it called a book match? A book match is like a book. From the cover to the inside, there are pictures that echo each other and have a complete theme. We can buy book candles in the supermarket.When was the book match invented? At the end of the 19th century, a lawyer invented the book match. What is the meaning of the book match? People need to use fire and need lighting tools. Book matches are closely related to people’s lives. Today, matches are still the preferred lighting tools in some places. The covers of books and matches are full of flowers and have various themed elements. Everyone has different preferences. You can find book matches with the theme you like. Such as holiday book matches, advertising book matches, greeting card book matches, etc. Book matches are also very convenient to buy, just go to the supermarket to buy good matches. Fangzhou matches The factory can provide you with customized book matches service, we have professional production equipment and 20 years of experience in the production and launch of matches

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