Matches are a common daily necessities. In addition to lighting fires, they can also be used for various interesting handicrafts, and they are also collectibles. This article explains how to display match collections and how to make crafts out of matches, and provides someMatcha Decoration in a Jaridea.
How to display the match collection?
If you are a match collector, it is important to display your match collection. Here are a few showsmatchesmatchesMethods:
Display cabinet: Buy a cabinet specially designed for displaying collections. Putting your match collection in it can effectively protect them and make them more eye-catching.
Frame: Put your favorite match collection in a special frame and hang it on the wall, which can not only display your collection, but also make them a home decoration.
Collection box: Buy a box specially used for collecting matches. Different types of matches can be classified and placed, and it is also convenient for storage and display.
How to make interesting crafts with matches?
In addition to collecting, matches can also be used to make all kinds of interesting crafts. Here are a few ideas for crafting using matches.
Use matchsticks and glue to make a tiny match house that can be placed on a desk or as a decoration in the garden.
Match puzzle: Cut matches of different colors into small pieces of different lengths, and use these small pieces to spell out an interesting pattern or letter, which can be placed on the wall or on the table as decoration.
Use some matchsticks to form a small frame, you can put some pictures or photos you like, and use it as decoration.
Making a painting out of matches can be a fun project. Stick the matches on the drawing board or canvas to form different patterns and colors. You can choose any theme or pattern you like, or let the kids make one, which can be a great parent-child activity.
Jigsaw puzzles are a popular recreational project, but if you want to make your own, matches can be a great material choice. Use matchsticks to cut into the shape and size you want, then assemble into your own puzzle. This project will require some skill and patience, but once it’s done, it’s sure to look stunning.
Do you have a lot of matches scattered in your drawers? Why not use them to decorate a jar? This not only saves space but also adds some unique touches to your room. Use matches to stick to jars to create any pattern or design you want. You can choose any color and size of jars and make them your own personalized creation.

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