Match is a great invention, no matter in modern or ancient times, it has a very important position in our life. From fire to lighting, from firecrackers to fireworks, matches bring us countless conveniences and fun. However, in different countries and cultures, the symbolic meaning of matches is also varied. Today, let us explore these magical matches together, understand their symbolic meaning in different cultures, and recommend a new type of cultural and creative matches, so that you can feel the unique charm match in your daily life.
In Chinese culture, matches are a symbol of auspiciousness, because the pronunciation of matches is homonymous with the word “auspicious”. Therefore, in China, matches are often used in various blessing activities, such as worshiping ancestors, getting married, and having children. In addition, matches were also used to decipher superstitions. Sometimes, when we are troubled by traditional superstitions, we can light a match to prove our courage and confidence.
In Japanese culture, matches are considered “purification”. In Japan, matches are used in many shrines and temples to light incense sticks or clean copper utensils, among other things. These items lit with a match emit a thin puff of smoke, which is considered a symbol of purification. In addition, Japan has a very rich match culture, such as the once-popular “Match King” or the popular match account.
In Western culture, matches are regarded as a symbol of fire, because matches were originally used to light fire. In many Western cultures, flames represent passion, strength and vitality. Therefore, in the West, matches are often used in various artistic expressions, such as painting, sculpture and so on. In addition, matches are often used to light candles, pipes and other items.
Based on the above cultural symbolic meanings, we can see the multiple charms of matches. It is not only a tool to ignite life, but also a symbol of auspiciousness, a representative of purification and a symbol of fire. And now, we will recommend a brand new Wenchuang match, which will let you

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