Book and match lovers will collect and recreate the book and match they have collected, and use frames or display racks as home furniture to make the room more beautiful. The match book display stand is a good way to display the appearance of the book matches and protect the book matches from being damaged.

Book matches can reflect a person’s pursuit of art, and DIY book matches can show people their ideas and abilities. First, you need to confirm the theme of the book matches, which can be festivals or popular elements. Of course, this theme still has to follow your own inner thoughts in order to create a truly meaningful book match. Next, determine the design of the book match font and pattern. Finally, confirm the materials and craftsmanship used for book matches. Of course, all of this should take into account the cost of book matches, and the costs of different materials and craftsmanship are different. If you don’t have a clue, you can refer to Elvis’ book matches for inspiration. Our Fangzhou match factory can provide you with professional customized match services.

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