Everyday people can only buy book matches designed by manufacturers. If you want inexpensive book matches customized and designed customized by yourself, will the price be very expensive? In fact, people can make their own book matches by using various materials. This process must be very cool. Let’s call good partners to make this interesting creative book match. How to make custom book matches.

First of all, you need to have a design idea. What theme do you want to make a book match? It is used as a lighting tool or an advertising tool, a gift, etc. Secondly, you need to find out how book matches are made by searching for reading materials, and finally make it through unremitting efforts. In the process of making book matches, you can Use the remaining props to make a custom book match jar, which can be used as a container for collecting book matches. If you are giving a custom book match as a gift, you might as well come up with a custom wrap idea, the person who receives this gift will be You are moved.

Fangzhou Match Factory has a complete set of matching production equipment for customized matches, which can provide you with high-quality customized match services. You are welcome to order customized book matches.

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