Today I want to introduce you to a very hot match factory – focusing on manufacturing matches for wholesale export,Custom Art Export Matches, and export custom matches for restaurants. It’s a feast of turning matchsticks into works of art to add color to your brand and restaurant!
Our match factory has many years of manufacturing experience, as well as advanced production equipment, to provide you withhigh quality matcheshigh quality matchesproduct. We are not only capable of bulk manufacturing, but also flexible to meet your export needs. Whether it is the design of matchbox packaging or the quality of matches themselves, we strive for perfection to make your match products stand out in the global market.
Our custom export art matches are masterpieces that perfectly combine the practical function of matches with artistic beauty. You can customize a unique matchstick design according to your brand image or product features. Not just a match, but a work of art that expresses your brand values ​​and creative inspiration. Let our matches ignite love for your brand around the world!
We are well aware of the importance of details in restaurant operations. Therefore, we provide the service of exporting customized matches for restaurants. Whether you need an elegant candle holder or a personalized matchbox, we can tailor it according to your needs. This will make a great addition to your restaurant, enhance the overall dining experience and impress your guests.
Our match factory not only has an excellent designer team, but also adheres to the principle of quality first. From the selection of materials to every link of production, we strictly control to ensure that every match can stand the test of time. We take customer satisfaction as our highest goal and strive to bring you more commercial value.
Ignite the passion and light up the future, Match Custom Export will lead you to the road to success. We eagerly look forward to lighting more sparks for your brand and restaurant! Contact us, let us create your unique match together and ignite hot sales in the global market!

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