During the festival of Christmas, which is a national carnival, the publisher will also launch a Christmas limited periodical, that is, the book Match Santa zine. In the magazine, you can see that the characters in various works are wearing Christmas-related characters. The costumes to celebrate Christmas. The book match manufacturers collaborated with game manufacturers to launch the Legend of Zelda souvenir Santa Claus Book Match Zelda. On the cover, you can see Zelda dressed as Santa Claus and Easter eggs composed of matches.
In the cartoon animation, you can see that the animals will also decorate their houses and dress themselves up on Christmas day, and prepare gifts carefully. In the Santa Claus Book and Match Zoo, you can see the Santa Claus in the painting is distributing Christmas gifts to the little animals .3D printing of Santa’s book matches can quickly customize book matches in small batches, but the technology is not perfect and needs manual correction and the price is expensive. It is suitable for those who have 3D printing equipment and corresponding knowledge and experience.
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