Book matches have a wide range of functions. They can not only be used as portable ignition tools, but also can be made into scented book matches. Book matches are used as holiday book matches for holiday gifts, such as Christmas book matches. Book matches can even be used as advertising tools to promote companies. Image and product information, etc.Businesses customize book Christmas matches for companies. Some universities also use custom book matches as Christmas gift cards to offer blessings to students. The University of Michigan Christmas ornaments have customized Christmas book matches.
Book matches are spread like business cards. They are not only a simple ignition device, but also a status symbol representing a person’s status, living habits, hobbies, artistic style, etc. Some old-fashioned book matches are difficult to collect, but they can be customized by customizing Christmas book matches. Retro to get a re-engraved vintage Christmas book match. A custom Christmas book match art print can decorate the house environment, making the house atmosphere more warm and artistic and full of vitality. Or you can use the collected book matches for special decoration at Christmas to customize Christmas The book match holder can not only protect the book match but also display the book match beautifully

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