In the era of rapid development of electronic products, the channels for people to obtain information are constantly iterating and changing. The New York Times launched online media at the same time as it launched a book match collection to take advantage of the coming Christmas. Customized New York Times Christmas book matches have publications Events during Christmas in The New York Times.
New York Times Custom Christmas Book Match Six-pack, one of which is a rare book match. The small quantity also contains key clues to the Christmas event. The custom Christmas book match yellow is as bright as the Christmas bell. In the Custom Christmas Book Match Ornament 2022 to match the Christmas Scented candles are the most avant-garde people in fashion. The size of customized Christmas book matches is determined according to your own needs and hobbies. Generally, book matches have 10, 15, 20 or more book matches, etc. Have a special-shaped book match It’s a very cool thing, and it is inevitable to sacrifice small portability for the shape, but such a book match can be hung as a pendant on a backpack that is easy to take, showing its own different trend collocation and not with the secular punk spirit of resistance.

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