Before Christmas, there will be a variety of fun activities to celebrate the upcoming Christmas. In kindergarten, teachers and students will arrange Christmas decorations in the classroom, usually with colorful ribbons, Christmas stickers and Christmas tree decorations. In the snowman book and match kindergarten, Christmas book matches are made. Children can make DIY snowman book matches by showing their imagination in book matches.
The teacher will explain the snowman book matches before the children create, and warn the children of the dangers of playing with fire and the importance of protecting the environment. The Snowman Book Creation DIY Kit has a fun snowman shape template to imitate drawing a snowman. In this process, thinking is aroused, and a new snowman image is gradually formed in the mind. The teacher can intuitively feel the child’s psychological state through the child’s painting and can give timely help. In the end, under the guidance of the teacher, the children shared the snowman book and match cards. The children shared and exchanged gifts with each other and felt happy.

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