The preservation of book matches is difficult, and if it is damaged, it will cause heavy losses. Therefore, a book match snowman display case or a book match photo album is needed to store the book matches, and at the same time, it can also display the snowman book matches.
The snowman book match route has derived many categories from the most basic painting snowman image on the cover, such as adding a little story about the snowman in the snowman book match, making the match into a snowman image and so on. The snowman book match is foldable and the middle of the snowman book match is processed to make the flat snowman three-dimensional, just like holding a real snowman with a book match, and inspired by this, many interesting Christmas book matches are born. Snowman book matches have different prices depending on the craftsmanship. People can also learn to make simple Christmas book matches according to online tutorials. The process of learning and making is a very precious experience. If you can do it together with others Making, can deepen each other’s feelings even more. Book matches are not only an exquisite matchbox, but also a tool for people’s spiritual sustenance and emotional expression


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