The traditional matches have been gradually replaced by lighters, while the new matches have revived the charm of matches and brought them to the public again. The Christmas matches glass jars launched during Christmas show the specialties of artistic matches very well. The high-quality transparent bottle contains a uniquely shaped match. Christmas glass jars with ornaments are placed at home as ornaments. With custom functions, you can match and arrange Christmas glass jars with matches to make the house more harmonious and full of Christmas atmosphere and increase the Christmas atmosphere.
Christmas glass jars are great for storing items and look good when you’re done with matches, and Christmas glass jars go well with Epsom salts. Use salt as snow in a Christmas glass jar to decorate the inside of the glass jar to create a picture of an ice hole. Or you can use Christmas glass tubes and old matches to build a wooden hut to create a scene with a hut in a blizzard. Christmas match glass jar snowball, build a miniature model of snow scene through Christmas match glass jar and matches, which is like a fun mini world

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