Ordinary matches, that is, old-fashioned kraft paper matches in our traditional memory, usually have a length of 42 mm, the matchsticks are generally yellow or brown, and the quality is not very good. This kind of match has been gradually phased out, and the production line of this kind of short match is basically sold to India. (Before more than 100 state-run match factories in China made this specification). Now in 2022, the existing scale in China is relatively large, and the only match factory with a full set of production lines is the Fangzhou Match Factory. Its products have also changed from 43MM to 48MM, 55MM and even 10 cm long matches. After the thickness of the match is increased, the quality is significantly improved, and the hardness is increased. When the match is drawn, it is not easy to break, and the long match is used in scented candles. When baking with a birthday cake, it is not easy to burn your hands, which a lighter can’t do.
Therefore, ordinary old-fashioned matches will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, while new and young matches will continue to exist and be welcomed.
The match factory is no longer the old impression: old employees, old workers, old ideas, the average age of the operation and sales team of the Fangzhou Match Factory is about 27 years old, the new styles of matches are paired with scented candles, highlighting the youth of the modern city. breath and atmosphere.

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