People’s lives are inseparable from fire, so ignition tools are very important tools for people. A Prometheus match is a small glass bubble containing acid, coated with a firelighter. This is the prototype of early matches, but due to the instability and unsafe chemical substances, they are stored in glass bottles. After the Christmas atmosphere, people invented Christmas glass jar matches.
You can see a lot of Christmas glass jar matches from all over the world on the Christmas glass jar matches youtube, these glass jar matches have unique bottles, and the Christmas glass jar matches will be printed on the bottle. Pattern of Christmas elements such as Santa, Elk, Snowman and more. People can purchase a Christmas Glass Jar Match Kit to customize the Glass Jar Matches and make Christmas Glass Jar Matches to their liking. In the kit, there will be a variety of blank Christmas glass jar matches for custom painting, such as Christmas glass jar match jars, various top covers, and matches of various colors and shapes. The Christmas Glass Jar Match Kit makes it easy for people to customize their favorite matches and bring their imaginations to life.

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