The traditional old-fashioned kraft paper matches in my impression are of poor quality, rigid and uncreative, and are gradually eliminated by the tide of the times. Today’s matches are safe, innovative, high-quality matches with artistic aesthetics. During the Christmas period, the Christmas glass jar young matches are very popular among young users. The minimalist style brought by this simple geometric three-dimensional incorporates Christmas elements, so that the Christmas glass jar matches can be displayed. People can see the exquisite matches in the jar through the glass jar.
Christmas must be inseparable from the sumptuous food, the Christmas glass jar match food idea born from the food shape. The patterns of various food shapes are printed on matches and displayed through transparent glass jars like the outside of a scroll for people to rotate and watch. In some bars, coffee shops or beverage stores, there will be Christmas glass jar match cups customized by the store, using beverage bottles as containers to place artistic matches, and the art created by the collision of traditional wooden objects and emerging shape containers makes the store unique. artistic atmosphere.
Fangzhou Match Factory has been producing matches, scented candles and peripheral products for 20 years. During this period, new products have been introduced, and the manufacturing process has been improved with the spirit of craftsmanship and excellence. It has a complete supporting production line to provide you with high-quality customized services.

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