In the early years Christmas cardboard book matches were easy to carry and use. This Christmas-themed book match was printed with text and patterns on the front and back. Since the content on the book matches will be destroyed when used, the collection value will be lost. After continuous improvement, there is a pinhole point pressure line that can easily tear off a part of the packaging cardboard neatly, which makes people use the book matches without destroying the book matches, which is beneficial to collection. At the same time, the waste caused by the use of a large number of book matches is avoided, and the technical improvement ensures the safety of paper book matches. Christmas book matches can be given to others as Christmas cards. Use the front and back of the book matches to draw Christmas symbols such as Santa Claus, snowman, etc., and then convey your sincere wishes to the recipient in words.
People can buy Christmas cardboard book matches at gift shops or matchpoints. You can even get Christmas cardboard book matches for free if you happen to have an event. If you need to purchase in large quantities, you can make an inquiry to the match manufacturer, and the match manufacturer will quote the Christmas cardboard book matches.

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