Traditional matches cannot compete with lighters, and this old-fashioned kraft paper match is gradually withdrawing from the stage of history. And the new matches are full of youthful vitality and optimized products on the traditional matches. The new matches have changed the boring appearance of traditional matches, and have more fresh elements and symbols to adapt to the cultural trend of the times. Matches can be customized according to the theme of match colors, match box shapes, and even custom color matches and match scents. These features all attract people’s attention to customize factory match production.
People make custom matches from a custom match factory, and the factory will give out a factory match plan for users to choose from. Printing patterns and texts can be customized on the matchbox, and matchboxes of different sizes and shapes can be made according to requirements. Book matches are one of the most popular artistic matches. They are characterized by completeness, with patterns and texts custom-made around themes from the inside out. Glass jar long-bar matches have the characteristics of literary and artistic freshness, and there are often some beautiful sentences outside the glass gate to decorate the bottle. People are safer with stick matches than lighters, which is one of the reasons people choose stick matches.
Fangzhou Match Factory produces matches, scented candles and peripheral products. It has professional supporting production equipment for 20 years to provide high-quality customized match services for global users.

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