With the popularization of lighters and electronic stoves, matches are no longer a necessity in people’s lives and have gradually disappeared from people’s sight. In the city, it can only be seen in hotels, guesthouses and other places. Using matches to make a fire for cooking, and lighting incense and firecrackers with matches during Chinese New Year and festivals has become a growing memory for generations. That World Custom Match Factory What else?
Fangzhou Match Factory in China is a well-known representative of Xinxing Match. Produced by Fangzhou Match Factory matches matches, scented candles and peripheral products, with professional supporting production equipment for 20 years to provide high-quality customized match services for global users. Started from the hotel custom-made long matches. Today, it has become a OEM manufacturer of many well-known foreign brands to customize matches and start to make their own brands. The custom match factory theme will launch new products of the season with each season or different festivals. People confirm whether the samples made by the factory conform to their own image by painting the custom match factory. When the customer confirms the sample, the match factory will customize the match quickly, and deliver the excellent products to the users with the fastest speed and high quality control.

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