Gifts made by people will be gifts full of sincere affection, usually handmade gifts for the most cherished people. peoplehandmade custom matches, learn to make book-style matches through the new template of the gift of matches. Book matches have a matchbox in the form of a greeting card, on which a letter match can be made to express what you want to say from the bottom of your heart.matchesmatchesThe definition of gift is to convey people’s simple feelings through matches. The match gift 5 friends is jointly designed by five good friends.Fangzhou Match Factory has been providing high-quality customized match services for global match users for 20 years. It is committed to creating new sparks in matches, combining traditional matches with cultural trends, and launching new types of matches to revive new vitality. The pictures of five people are printed on the matchbox, which is not only a match, but also carries a good memory. Match collectors like to collect matches, not only the collection value of the matches themselves, but also the stories of the matches.

Fangzhou Match Factory produces matches, scented candles and peripheral products.

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