How to use cake matches?Take out a match from the cake match. The correct way to use the cake match is to hold the match in one hand and the matchbox in the other. Use the end of the match, which is the end with the colored phosphorous end, against the fire surface, and then use the match head to quickly swipe across the fire surface. Can light a match.matches to make people’s lives more convenient, can cake matches be brought on the high-speed rail? In China, you can bring matches on the high-speed rail, but there are restrictions on carrying only 2 small boxes of safety matches. If you are still unclear, you can ask the local high-speed rail staff about carrying cake matches on the high-speed rail.
The reason why cake matches are popular is that cake matches are often used as important lighting tools for candles on cakes during birthday parties and holiday parties. This match is a different long-bar match, which is safer and richer than traditional matches. This matchbox is printed on
Beautiful cake match pictures, cartoon pictures with various cake shapes or patterns of cake house related information. People can usually get cake matches by customizing cakes.

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