People hold birthday parties, birthday dinners and other activities to celebrate birthdays, and the inseparable interactive link is to make birthday wishes. If you are not a fan of scented candles and smokers who often use ignition tools, they will not have a spare lighter. Therefore, the cake shop will give users who buy customized cakes additional matches so that people can light birthday candles. For users who have a clear need for customized birthday cakes, the cake shop will provide cake shop DIY match activities, which is convenient for people to make birthday matches by themselves.
The cake shop attracts traffic and promotes the shop by holding events. People who participate in the Cake Shop Match event can get a cake shop match discount. Print cartoon cakes and cake shops with various interesting shapes on the matches, and tell the story of the cake shop matches by writing short text on the matches.
The cake shop attracts people to buy cakes as a gift for the cake shop match, which will restore the complete cake shop match story. When people solve the mystery by collecting the cake shop matches, exchange the prizes to the cake shop. This enables the cake shop to continue to develop customers, and people indirectly promote the cake shop while collecting matches, increasing the popularity of the cake shop. The value of cake shop matches lies in the benefits that matches can bring to the cake shop.

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