With the continuous upgrading of equipment and continuous improvement of the process, the shape of traditional matches is redesigned and innovated to create a new type of match.Decorative colorful matches. This kind of match has a variety of different colors in appearance, and the match stick is longer than the traditional match, it is also known as the long match. BeautifullymatchesmatchesDelicate containers are required to be used in combination, and decorative colored match containers are usually glass jars. Transparent glass jars are great for displaying colorful decorative matches.
People can collect cheap decorative matches in bulk or expired and unusable decorative matches at a lower price to realize their own ideas for decorative matches and re-create decorative matches. This can achieve a three-dimensional effect of the flat pattern through decorative matches of different lengths and colors, which is really a cool decorative match. Decorative matches are not only beautiful and appreciative, but also can be used to make DIY match paintings and interesting ornaments. Decorative matches are not only a safe and portable ignition tool, but also a multi-functional match for advertising, art appreciation and gift giving.

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