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Fangzhou match factory

Fangzhou matches factory
Fangzhou match factory

Fangzhou Match Factory is a manufacturer with a wide range of production capabilities, we have specialized in producing matches in various sizes and specifications for more than 20 years, including hotel and restaurant matches, book matchboxes. We have FSC certificate and BSCI. Matches light up your life.

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In Fangzhou you can let yourself:

Match stick: length from 48MM to 280MM

Matchbox sizes and the number of matches per box vary from 5 matches to over 300 matches.

Match Striker: We can make it in any size you want. black and brown bows for you

2019 TPE in las vegas -Fangzhou Match
2019 TPE in las vegas -Fangzhou Match 2

In 2019, Ark Match participated in the TPE (Tobacco Plus Expo) held in Las Vegas, California, USA.

Why choose us?

  1. High quality with safety approvals and high standards (e.g. EN 1783, TÜV certificate)
  2. Continuous improvement, innovative product development, flexible design layout arrangement according to customer requirements
  3. High customer service and customer satisfaction, strong professionalism and short response times
  4. International activities Domestic and foreign performances, exhibitions, personal consultation
  5. Efficient structure and short decision paths
  6. Family owned business since 2000