After experiencing the potential safety hazard of a lighter explosion, people are more or less resistant to using a lighter to ignite. At this time, matches are once again the choice of people. The new set cardboard book matches is not only safer, but also carefully selected in the use of raw materials. The woody aroma brought by high-quality poplar wood is repeatedly blended with the blessing of spices to create a strange aroma that relaxes people and relieves people’s stress. Therefore, many interesting scented matches have been born, and the mosquito repellent matches that people contact daily are also a kind of scented matches. People will feel relaxed the moment they light a match, staring at the dancing flames and feeling the warmth that matches give them.
Not only the innovation of matches, but also the whimsy on matchboxes. Customized printing patterns can be made everywhere on the book matchbox. The reason why the book match is loved by people is that it is completely created around a theme like a book. Invent Christmas board book matches, Halloween board book matches, Easter board book matches and more holiday matches along the way.

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