The book matches are full and full from the cover to the inside, just like a match book printed around a theme. Book matches can be seen everywhere in life, it can also be a tool for advertising, and it is also a convenient lighting tool in people’s lives. Book matches usually have a series of themes, and people are keen to collect book matches of a theme completely, so book match templates are one of the criteria for distinguishing whether a theme is a theme. The value of retro book matches lies in its own artistic value.

The number of retro book matches is small and it is difficult to preserve. People will even pay several times more to collect vintage book matches. The rarest book matches are probably gilded handmade book matches produced in Toledo, Spain in the last century. The book matches around me can buy good and cheap book matches in the supermarket. The Supermarket Book Match will launch holiday book matches according to the festival, and it is a particularly interesting thing to collect a set of holiday book matches. I usually frame book matches, which is a great idea as a furniture piece. My friends were full of praise when they saw it, and gradually they also became interested in books and matches, which made our friendship even longer.

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