In the special festival of Christmas, people bid farewell to sum up their experiences of the past year and celebrate the coming spring. During Christmas, people get together to enjoy Christmas dinner, exchange gifts and do all kinds of fun Christmas activities. For example, arrange Christmas decorations together, make Christmas dinner together, or make Christmas cardboard books matches together. Christmas cardboard book matches are often used as Christmas cards to give to others at Christmas. Parents and children create together on the blank template of book matches, which increases the interaction and feelings between relatives and develops children’s imagination.
Both the front and back of the book matches can draw patterns and characters.It is also very artistic to use these book matches to frame Christmas book match paintings. This enriches the Christmas atmosphere and enhances artistic accomplishment. People will share their customized book matches on the Internet, learn from the cardboard book match reviews, and work hard to make the next better customized book matches. People not only make their own matches, but also collect Christmas cardboard book match gifts.

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