During the Christmas period, people will hold various interactions to welcome the arrival of Christmas, such as arranging Christmas decorations to make the house full of Christmas festive atmosphere, preparing a rich Christmas dinner, preparing Christmas gifts and so on. People light Christmas candles and Christmas fireworks during the Christmas season, it’s timeWholesale Christmas Matchesdebut. The loose Christmas matches will be printed with Christmas-related symbolic elements on the display surface. Such as Santa Claus, Christmas tree, gingerbread man and elk and so on. Using Christmas matches with Christmas candles makes the home environment beautiful and self-consistent, improves the quality of life and enhances the Christmas atmosphere.There is also a special process to make it into a three-dimensional shape, making the Christmas characters seem to come out of the Christmas matchbox to celebrate Christmas together.
candy cane shapelong matchsticklong matchstickBulk is deeply loved by people. The red, green and white patterned matchsticks highlight the Christmas atmosphere. The length of 55MM protects people from burning Christmas candles and Christmas fireworks from splashing sparks.

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