There are such a group of people who are fascinated by matches, and the traces of searching for matches all over the world collect and store valuable matches. Personalized holders matchbox are obsessed with the artistic design on the matches, and pay money and time to study matches. How to design a reasonable pattern in the space where the surface of the match matches, the pattern can make people find it quickly from a lot of matches. Therefore, the design of the display surface of the matchbox is particularly important, and the designer spends a larger proportion of time on the cover of the match than the entire match design.
Personalized marriage matches are frequent visitors to weddings, and traditional wedding matches are mostly red matches with big red double happiness. One more option these days is personalized wedding book matches. Book matches are similar to greeting cards and books, and this creative invitation quickly became popular among major wedding organizers. Print the invitation information on the book matches, and customize the shape of the book matches according to the needs of customers.
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