Who sells book matches now? Even in an era when lighters are everywhere, matches are still preferred in some places. Matches are portable and easy to carry, and the raw materials are naturally harmless to the human body and will not pollute the environment after use. Book matches are like a A business card, luxury places can scissors book matches specially designed by exquisite and expensive designers, and you can also see exquisite small book matches produced by industrialization in small shops on the street.
Everyone can use a book match to express their introduction to beauty and their own taste. The value of a book match lies in its ability to promote advertisements, as a gift and as a very portable and practical lighting tool. In daily life, we can buy Wal-Mart brand books Matches, diamond book matches and other book matches. There are also some limited edition book matches that are of collection significance, and the value of such book matches depends on their artistic value.

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