Matches have a history of 200 years, during which many items with artistic appreciation value and collection value were born. As technology continues to develop, people have developed many features on matches. For example, matches with waterproof and windproof functions, matches as gifts, matches for advertising and so on. There are often matches in hotels, such as hotel price list matches, hotel match menu sheets, hotel match brochures, and so on. People using hotel identity matches is equivalent to showing that they are a person with the ability to consume hotels, and the hotel also indirectly promotes it. It improves the reputation of the hotel among the crowd, so that people will choose this hotel first when they have a demand for a hotel.
The family hotel is a hotel with the theme of traveling together for the family. The match of this hotel specially designed the match of the family hotel. Specially provide children with a cartoon image of children’s nutrition meal match list and family package for people to choose. In the family hotel, there will be DIY matchmaking activities for children to play and enhance the relationship between parents and children.
Fangzhou Match Factory specializes in the production of matches, scented candles and peripheral products. With sophisticated equipment and advanced technology to provide customers with high-quality customized match services.

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