Matches are tools of life, usually made of small sticks or cardboard. One end is coated with a material that can be ignited by the friction of the match against the surface of the rod. Today’sornament wood matchesStill loved by people all over the world and widely used in various fieldsdecorative wooden matchesdecorative wooden matches. Decorative wood matches are not only popular among people in developed countries, including in many developing countries, people are also keen to customize decorative wood matches for camping, outdoor activities, emergencies and to store homemade survival kits.
Matches are widely circulated in the circles of EDC and PSK enthusiasts. An excellent match is not only a qualified, safe and portable ignition tool, but also needs to be processed with exquisite design and advanced technology. Survival tips and related knowledge will be printed on the matchbox so that you can use matches to survive in an emergency. These small designs attract survival enthusiasts to go crazy.
Fangzhou Match Factory produces matches, scented candles and peripheral products.

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