Match is the current saying, and match was actually called match at first. The history match factory begins with a match factory in Sweden in 1833. Then it was introduced into China and people used it as an ignition tool called matches, and matches are still a good helper in people’s lives until today. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the threshold for using ignition tools is getting lower and lower, and lighters have gradually replaced the position of traditional matches. A match factory that has no competitiveness, no innovation, and has been eating capital will be eliminated by history. It is inevitable that such a match factory will close down. After nearly a hundred years of continuous supply, the London match stick factory decided to transform into personalized custom matches.
These matches are of higher quality and artistic design. It not only innovates and improves traditional matchboxes, but also develops a variety of match shapes, such as book matches, cylinder matches and glass bottle matches, etc. The rich variety of matches brings vitality, makes people pay attention to matches again, and develops many functions on matches for different scenarios. The sustainable development of Match lies in its ability to develop many functions, which will bring value beyond its own value to people.

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