Matches are rich in artistic value and collection value because of their personalized patterns, attracting match lovers from all over the world to collect matches. Hotels use resort hotel matches as advertising tools. Most of the old matches circulating in the market are advertising matches such as hotel matches. Because of its unique design language, people can quickly remember the hotel, and therefore these recognizable designs can survive to this day.
In the match hotel, people can learn about the development of hotel matches and the differences in the art of hotel matches under the influence of different cultural and social environments. Designers try their best to draw impressive and artistic pictures in the limited space of matches. Compared with lighters, the display surface of matches is larger, and the price is lower, so merchants are more willing to customize personalized advertising matches to promote hotels. In order to stand out among many hotel matches, the hotel customizes contact information such as contact number and hotel address on the matches. Matches that are unique enough can attract more people to know about the hotel information on the matchbox.
Fangzhou Match Factory specializes in the production of matches, scented candles and peripheral products. It has excellent production equipment and a complete modern production line to provide customers with high-quality customized match services.

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